The Partners

The unusual Estate Agent best sums us up! We have won multiple national awards for our work in the local community, marketing and were voted by industry experts to be the best independent Agent in the UK.

We’re your local Estate Agent that has you and your property at the heart of everything we do, so much so that we chose our company name to reflect this relationship with you and your home . We’re proud to have opened our Chelmsford office in 2006 followed by our Brentwood office in 2014.

So….after 2 smashed office windows, 9 Christmas parties, 2 office moves, opening a second office, winning three national awards, 98 late night pizza phone outs, half a dozen soggy shoulders from clients from tears of happiness or failure, 302 bunches of flowers, 157 boxes of chocolates, 4 batches of homemade cookies, many sense of humour failures between us 3 business partners, very tolerant spouses, too many sleepless nights to count and a bucket load of hard work, passion and desire to deliver  great and unexpected customer service…..we’re still here.

To make it all work on a day to day basis we have a wonderful team that surround us and help to make it happen.