“Is this Finally The Right Time to Buy Says Scott?”

Posted on Thursday, January 30, 2014

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The speed and severity of the property market’s plummet 6 years ago not only shocked homeowners but scared first time buyers.


What started as a difficulty in the sub-prime mortgage market in the USA became a global economic crisis, and whilst mortgage availability became a problem, it was the spiralling lack of confidence that had the most profound effect on the market fuelled substantially by the media.


However, after a long slow recovery 2014 has started with the same momentum that 2013 ended with ‘confidence is our local market place’.


We have achieved an average of 99.75% of our seller’s asking prices over the last 4 months. This is down to a true, honest and well supported valuation at the outset.


We have booked a record number of mortgage appointments for this time of year since we opened in 2006 and already had a record January for sales.


Many Estate Agents are saying there are more buyers than property, we view this slightly differently and would say there are simply more motivated buyers than motivated sellers at present.


We are sure this is because would be sellers are struggling to see a property of interest prompting them to put their home up for sale, the downside to moving in this manner is the amount of people sitting on fence .