Another Happy Buyer!

Daffodil Way, Chelmsford

In your own words, please describe how you would compare Home Partnership with any recent or previous experiences of estate agents.

'I have been in estate agency for ten years a as such would be sensitive and critical to any bad work but I have been very impressed from the start.'

April 2017




The first ever electronic e-signature exchange of contracts for a residential property transaction in the UK happened on Thursday 6th April by using the Bonafidee e-signature facility to sign the contract for both the sale and purchase element of the transaction.

The system allows both lawyers to upload the agreed contract, which is then sent to the seller and the purchaser clients for them to sign electronically. The system provides confirmation that the document has been read and signed with a code taking the place of a signature.

“Agreeing contract terms is often undertaken over the telephone by conveyancers and, in many circumstances, the document that you receive from the conveyancer on the other side of a transaction can look very different from the contract that you have sent out” says Convey Law legal director Gareth Richards. But he says the system used in this first transaction allows for an agreed form of contract to be uploaded and then sent to the clients for them to sign.

Lloyd Davies, operations director for the Conveyancing Association and a managing director at Convey Law, says effective proof of identity and electronic signatures are a key component part of bringing conveyancing into the 21st century. “Using electronic signatures to exchange contracts was not difficult, as witnesses are not required for this part of the conveyancing process.  It is not difficult to see how electronic e-signatures can replace the need for deeds, which currently need to be witnessed by another individual once the appropriate proof of identity and verification checks and balances are in place” he adds.

Here at HP we feel that this is a great step towards modernising the sale and purchase process which is long overdue. Anything to make the process easier for buyers and home owners to move and quicken the timeframe is welcome. We hope that over time more solicitors look to adopt these e-signature facilities.

*source: article from Estate Agent Today

April 2017

Easter Weekend 2017 Opening Hours

Good Friday - 10am – 2pm

Saturday 15th April - 9am – 5pm

Easter Sunday - CLOSED

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Glamis House, Brentwood
How would you describe your experience of selling your property with Home Partnership?
'Before now I lumped Estate Agents in with parasites and traffic wardens. But you guys have changed my mind about Estate Agents by providing a perfect service. I felt like Home were working hard for me, rather than the other way around. (Which was my last experience.) I would absolutely recommend Home Partnership to a friend. Keep doing what you're doing!'
April 2017

Another warm welcome this month to Archie Biggs who has joined our Mortgage department  in the roll of a Mortgage Administrator.

April 2017



Whitehouse Crescent, Chelmsford.

Which member of the team exceeded in their service? 
'Jo Stewart was just amazing. She had a hard job chasing different parts of our chain and she was always so positive, helpful and understanding.
Jo Williams is superb at what she does. She works quickly and thoroughly and would always listen to us, no matter how many questions we asked her.
Whoever answered the phone, in either office, was helpful, attentive and polite. All staff are a credit to THP.'

April 2017

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