Help to Buy? Or not Help to Buy? by Joanne Williams

Help to buy? Or not help to buy that is the question - buying your home with only 5% deposit!

A scheme brought in by the government (don’t stop reading just because I’m using the ‘g’ word) to assist those trying to buy a home back in 2013.

Here in Chelmsford where the prices to buy a home have just gone up and up and up beyond belief (some say more so due to a certain large department store coming to town in 2016 never knowingly undersold).

The scheme was introduced in 2013 when mortgage lenders imposed onto buyers to put down a minimum deposit of 10 – 15% which in Chelmsford would equate to on average purchase of £250,000 an amount of £37,500 required! Not a measly amount in anyone’s book. With the help to buy scheme this figure dropped down to 5% which equates to £12,500 which although is still a fair amount of money but so much more attainable.

There are some misconceptions about the scheme;

Only available to first time buyers – WRONG

Only available to those buying a new build – WRONG

No one really uses it – WRONG

Although …

You only qualify for this scheme if this is your only home and not a second home (makes sense).

You only need 5% deposit and this can come from yourself or a gift from family (result).

As a mortgage broker (for longer than I care to admit to for fear of giving my age away) I can safely say that recently we’ve seen a higher uptake on the scheme for both new build and the open second hand market.

If the scheme baffles you get in touch with myself or anyone in our mortgage department -   we’d happily talk you through the process without the jargon and help you to find out if the scheme is something that could work for you.

The scheme has achieved what it was set up to do as in December 2016 the help to buy scheme was withdrawn (by the g word) for the second hand market as lenders are now offering legitimate, 95% mortgages with  competitive rates without their backing.

The government backed scheme for new build properties is still in place for the foreseeable which   has more to it with an equity loan but once again come in and see us and we’ll take you through the whole thing from start to finish.

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Recycle your Christmas Tree!

Brentwood & surrounding areas:
After Christmas if you are unable to re-plant your Christmas tree then Brentwood Council offer a kerb side collection on your garden waste collection day. Just simply place your Christmas tree on the kerb in a visible and obvious place.

Chelmsford & surrounding areas:
Farleigh Hospice are once again collecting Christmas trees for recycling on Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th January 2017, from CM1, CM2, CM3, CM8, CM9 and CM0 7 and CM0 8 only. 

Trees collected will be shredded and used either in the local parks or as fuel at a local power station.

Go to their website to register for your collection before midday on 5th January 2017.

Could car-parks really be the answer to the housing shortage?

We have recently read this article, and could car-parks really be the answer to the housing shortage?

One of Britain’s best known housing innovators says he may just have found one way of helping overcome the UK’s shortage of affordable homes - by using car parks.

“Many of Britain's ground level car parks are filled with cars during the day: at stations, schools and colleges, shopping centres, healthcare facilities. But they're empty at night” says Bill Dunster, who set up ZEDfactory in 1999 to produce pioneering house designs aimed at minimising energy usage and maximising sustainability.

“Meanwhile, many commuters using the trains - students from the colleges, workers serving us in the shops or treating us in the healthcare sector - are struggling to find affordable homes.Can a car park also be a place to live? Yes, I think it can” he claims.

He says he has produced a revolutionary ZEDPod system to create factory-built homes on stilts that stand over the bays of ground-level parking. During the day, the spaces beneath the homes are used by commuters, shoppers and the like; by night, as these spaces become vacant, so they are taken by the vehicles of the residents of the homes above.

The homes are free standing, self-sufficient in energy thanks to built-in PV and battery storage. Shared, covered outdoor areas provide further living and socialising space; there is even room for allotment gardens” claims Dunster.

Now he has created a ZEDPod over a parking bay at the building science centre, which is home to the British Research Establishment in Watford, where tomorrow there is to be the first in a series of meetings for factory owners and and others responsible for the management of ground level car parks.

*Source Estate Agent Today.


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