Volunteering at Avon...

11 July 2023

Abbie, Jess, Ellie, Steve and Jay all popped down to Avon Road Community Allotments in Chelmsford at the end of June to give a helping hand. The site is managed and run by art rural training (ART), which is an educational charity providing practical and skills training alongside therapeutic support and mentoring to the residents of Essex and surrounding areas. You can find out some more information here - abbertonruraltraining.org

Jess & Steve got quickly stuck into planting carrot, beetroot, basil, and lettuce seedlings into the bigger beds, whilst Abbie, Ellie and Jay helped to harvest the broad beans.

We went on to helping de-weed the remaining beds which a couple had veggies growing nicely, and finally made a cover for the two beds hosting the newly planted seedlings.

Although we had a wet and rainy start, it didn't dampen our day and all thoroughly enjoyed their time! This brings our community hours to 47.5 for 2023 so far.

Volunteering at Avon Road Community Allotments