Volunteering at The...

31 July 2023

At the end of July (2023) we put ourselves forward to help out at The Endeavour Co-Operative Academy, located in Brentwood, Essex.

The Endeavour is a special school for children with Moderate Learning Difficulties between the age of 5 and 19 years old, a school we have been involved with a couple of times over the years. Last year we painted some of there fences ready for the new term and this year we helped raise 160 easter eggs for their end of term easter egg hunt.

They are in the process of having a new building added to their school and are moving their sixth formers into a temporary building whilst the work is carried out. The temporary building is being kindly loaned to them by a nearby School.

They needed assistance in giving this temporary building a spruce up ready for the new term in September. We were able to gather six of us, Abbie, Ellie, Tracy, Bradley, Stacy and Jess to spend half a day to paint some internal walls. It didn’t take us long to get stuck in and we covered a lot of ground during the time we were there. We focused on giving the walls and skirting a fresh coat of white paint throughout the main corridor.

We also managed to drop off a few un-used office chairs for them to make the most of too.

This places us at 68.5 hours of volunteering within the community for 2023, getting much closer to our goal of 80 hours.

If you have any events, tasks and jobs needing some extra helping hands, please reach out to Jess to discuss if we can get involved!

Volunteering at The Endeavour Co-Operative Academy