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13 June 2022

Did you know that just 7% of landlords allow pets in their rental properties? In our experience landlords are restricting the interest in their rental property, especially a family home with a garden by around 50%, and potentially missing out on the ideal tenants to rent their property and maximizing the monthly rent price. 

We have noticed that pets being permitted in a rental property is one of the main talking points we have with potential tenants when making an internet enquiry on our advertised rental properties. Landlords tend not to be keen on having pets in their property due to possible risks around cleanliness, pet odours lingering, flee infestation and noise complaints. Also landlords reluctance for pets has been impacted as well since the Tenant Fee Act 2019 came into force as neither landlords or letting agents are any longer able to increase the security deposit to compensate for allowing a pet as under the Tenant Fee Act the maximum deposit that can be taken is upto five weeks rent (unless the annual rent exceeds £50,000 in which case security deposit is capped at 6 weeks rent).

However, landlords did you know that the rent can be increased to replace a pet special clause deposit as long as the property listing advert outlines this clearly to be the case? In addition, special clauses can be added to the tenancy agreement relating to the permitted pet, like making sure the dog does not go upstairs, making sure the cat does not claw the carpet etc.

Home Partnership are a member of ARLA Propertymark therefore get in touch with one of our professional staff with any questions relating to allowing pets and to hear more about the proposed new pet Bill being considered in Government

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